Your network of
trusted counterparties.

Your network
of trusted

StreetLinx is a 2-sided network that helps buyside clients get better coverage from their dealers.

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Know your network

Secure, vetted
organizational details

Clients and dealers have access to standardized, organizational profiles.

Our profile framework allows firms to add strategy, asset class, sector tags, and upload interest lists.

Make connections

Always know who to callAlways know
who to call

Search and filter your current dealer universe to always know who to call.

Whatever your axe, easily and quickly identify the most relevant counterparties and personnel based on job function — like sales, trading and capital markets — or focus area, such as asset class or sector.

Draw your roadmap

Never miss an opportunity

Get the look. Minimize missed opportunities by planting flags in asset classes, sectors and regions ensuring counterparties find you when a situation potentially fits.

Specify your preferences

Get more targeted outreach

Your time is valuable, eliminate the noise by writing a prescription of what to reach out on and how best to get in contact.

Join StreetLinx and build your counterparty network today.Join StreetLinx and
build your counterparty
network today.

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